Here is a list of useful links related (or not) to the qnD activities :

Internal links

  • UTT : French Technological University of Troyes
  • LNIO : Laboratory for Nanotechnology, Instrumentation and Optics
  • Nanomat : Regional fabrication and characterisation platform
  • LNIO seminars


  • Centre for Disruptive Photonics Technologies (CDPT @ NTU)
  • UMI CINTRA, CNRS International-NTU-Thales

Useful links

Fun links

  • 10 years of YouTube!
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry periodic table for alchemistry
  • Article on the longest mathematical proof of a problem so far here (in French though). The problem using Phytagore's theorem a^2+b^2=c^2. Can you 'colour' all the integers satisfying the equation without having a case where a, b and c are of the same colour. Works up to 7824 but not for 7825. Here is the arxiv article about it.

Just fun

  • a call contribution from one of these obscur journals but check the sender's name...