Latest article published in Appl. opt.

Posted on 1/15/2017

Latest article published and entitled: 'Integrated optical waveguides in glass for enhanced photoluminescence of nano-emitters.'by J. B. Madrigal, R. Tellez-Limon, F. Gardillou, D. Barbier, W. Geng, C. Couteau, R. Salas-Montiel, & S. Blaize in Applied Optics 55, 10263 (2016).

Here is the abstract :

Integrated optical devices able to control light–matter interactions on the nanoscale have attracted the attention of the scientific community in recent years. However, most of these devices are based on silicon waveguides, limiting their use for telecommunication wavelengths. In this contribution, we propose an integrated device that operates with light in the visible spectrum. The proposed device is a hybrid structure consisting of a high-refractive-index layer placed on top of an ion-exchanged glass waveguide. We demonstrate that this hybrid structure serves as an efficient light coupler for the excitation of nanoemitters. The numerical and experimental results show that the device can enhance the electromagnetic field confinement up to 11 times, allowing a higher photoluminescence signal from nanocrystals placed on its surface. The designed device opens new perspectives in the generation of new optical devices suitable for quantum information or for optical sensing.

New cryostat from Attocube!

Posted on 1/4/2017

Just received a cryostat from Attocube for low temperature photoluminescence of nanostructures. Comes with a magnetic field that can go up to 9 T. Nice toy.



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